1. Anonymous said: Where do you get the magazines or images that are the clipping in your collection. I am interested in buying the magazines that have articles like these in them hope you get what I'm saying and can help me (: thanks so much

    ebay!! everything in my collection was purchased on ebay. usually typing in björk clippings gets you stuff. i’m from the uk  and uk ebay is the best since björk mostly appeared in uk puplications around this time. 

    hope this helps!


  2. hello friends,

    sorry for being a bad blog master. i have just started university and my life is very busy. i even forgot to tell you that i saw björk herself in london. such a wonderful night.

    i have recently got new clippings and shall get back to scanning in the clippings soon.



  3. Unknown source, date possibly 2003

  4. Play 8/24/01

  5. Q February 2001

  6. NME 26/8/89

  7. Unknown source and date

  8. Sounds 2/9/89

  9. NME 25/12/93

  10. Q 2005